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Mother, This is How to Overcome Insect Bites in Children

Insect bites or stings in children, whether by mosquitoes, ants, bees, or wasps, may make you worry. But don't panic, Bun! Come on, know some ways you can do to help deal with these insect bites. The impact of insect bites on children can vary depending on the type of insect, the bite area, and the reaction of the child's body. Insect bites can be characterized by symptoms of swelling, itching, or pain on the surface of the skin. In rare cases, insect bites can trigger severe allergic reactions. How to Overcome Insect Bites The first thing you can do is keep the child away from where the insect is, then find out what type of insect is biting or stinging your child. If he is stung by a bee, the mother needs to remove the sting. The trick, Mother can look for objects with flat and hard surfaces, such as ATM cards. Then use to push the sting out of the skin. Push the sting starting from the surrounding skin area, do it slowly until the sting is successfully pushed out. Avo
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Like This 3-Month Baby Sleep Pattern

By the age of 3 months, babies not only develop motor skills, but also their sleep patterns. At this age, most babies will start sleeping longer at night than before. Adequate sleep in infants aged 3 months is needed to support the growth and development. The reason is, when the baby falls asleep, his body will activate hormones that can support its development. Not only that, infants 3 months who get enough sleep are also less affected by various infectious diseases. 3-Month Baby Sleep Pattern Generally 3-month baby sleep time is the same as 1-month baby, which is about 14-16 hours a day. The difference is, there are changes in the duration and sleep patterns of babies at this age. At the age of 3 months, babies will sleep longer at night than during the daytime. The duration of sleep for babies at night is around 10-11 hours, while their naps are around 4-5 hours. Changes in sleep duration and patterns in 3-month infants are influenced by the growth of the stomach. When the ba

Recognize the Dangerous Type of Food Preservatives

Food preservatives are used to maintain freshness and quality of food. However, you still need to be vigilant because there are certain types of food preservatives that are harmful to the body. Food preservation is carried out as an effort to inhibit or prevent decomposition, acidification, fermentation, and other damage to food caused by bacteria, fungi, and microbes. Food Preservation Process The process of food preservation is generally carried out by two methods. First is traditional methods, such as drying, cooling, and fermentation. And the second is modern methods, such as canning, pasteurization, freezing, food irradiation and chemical additives. Food preservative chemicals used in the process, some are safe for consumption and some are harmful to health, for example formalin and borax. Both of these harmful ingredients are often used to preserve tofu, noodles, and meatballs. If consumed in the long term, can cause heart problems, respiratory system, kidney, skin, and e